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  EXTREMELY COMFORTABLE..., January 21, 2010
EXTREMELY COMFORTABLE to write with, esp for extended sessions. The mechanism is reliable and it works as it should. As a bonus, it seems to act as a shock absorber for the lead, which reduces the incidence of breaks and snapping. Faber Castell of Germany uses a shock absorber in its much-acclaimed Vario line. The Vario is made of plastic, too, and costs a lot more than this one does. If you can live with a non-retractable lead protecting tube (as it's called in US Patent 3914059), this is an excellent choice for everyday use. The Vario's lead protecting tube is also non-retractable. If you need the retractable tube, I suggest either the Pilot Vanishing Point pencil or either of the the A.G. Spalding mechanical pencils available here at Jetpens. (The white rubberized body is comfortable too, but the mechanism can play havoc with the lead. I once had to delay the start of a monthly Library Board meeting I was taking the minutes for, while I cleaned lead pieces out of the nose cap. That only happened once, and maybe because of the soft 2B lead grade.) The Kuru Toga has joined the white AG Sparlding and FC Vario as my favorite everyday mechanical pencils.
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