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  Not bad for a calligraphy..., January 29, 2010
By wtu...
Not bad for a calligraphy pen. I like the unique clear body with its interesting shape. We have the one in the pen holder on the fridge, and we use it to leave notes on yellow post-its for other members of the household. Nice to do the calligraphic scrolling S, T and L when leaving a quick note. ;-) Our post-its look like they were written in the Middle Ages. ;-)

This seems more like a pen one would use for school when learning basic penmanship. I can't imagine using it at work, as it has just the one refill. Haven't purchased any replacements, though, but I probably will once it goes empty. :-) The cap is quite interesting as well, seeing how it screws on and off. It sits perfectly on the non-writing end when stored while writing. Nice "unnoticeable-at-first" touch for such a simple and elegant pen.

Five stars for originality in design and the great ink flow--even after weeks of sitting in the pen holder on the fridge. :-)
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