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  This is a gorgeous pencil...., February 4, 2010
By her...
This is a gorgeous pencil. I own one of these. It's always missing though as friends borrow it when I'm not looking, so I've resorted to hiding it away from plain view before one of my cohorts forgets to bring it back.
If the basic 925 series pencil is the BMW M3, then the 925-REG is the BMW M3 AMG hotrod of the Staedtler stable. If you like 'em good-looking, stout and heavy with options, then you'll like this one.
I keep the lead advance regulator set to minimum to keep lead protrusion small. This ensures I don't break the lead with a heavy hand. The .3mm pencil definitely benefits from the advance regulator feature. You click more often , but better clicking then breaking lead.
Personally , I would stay away from the rubber gripped basic 925 series pencils. Bare plastic is still a better grip than the slippery rubber. Also the rubber grip with it's fine grooves is a dirt collector disaster and needs constant cleaning. Who needs that? It's embarrasing when someone borrows it dirty and gross when someone returns it dirty after you cleaned it.

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