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  This pencil is absolutely..., February 6, 2010
This pencil is absolutely *beautiful*. I was in the market for a really nice pencil to use in my art/hobby/business, but couldn't find anything local that felt right. After looking online, I found the Regulator and fell in love.

This pencil is the heaviest I've found (by almost double the weight of most), which I love, is super sleek and all-metal, and has more than the normal features offered by the majority of mechanical pencils. The end/clicker has a lead identifier, which is somewhat common, but the main kicker is the adjustability - you can twist the top of the pencil to control how much lead is put out with each click. Awesome!

Love at first sight with this one, but the other features it offers make it wonderful. The only thing I'd change is to have a retractable point (the one on it is rather sharp), but it's not a make-or-break feature. It feels great in my hand (thanks to the weight) and not too slippery, which can sometimes be a hazard with metal-grip pencils. For everything it offers, the price is more than fair, too.

I even took this thing into work and everyone adored it - I work at an art supply that carries a huge selection of pencils, but nothing like this. Looks great, feels great, is great. Recommend 100%.
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