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  Next to Sailor's excellent..., February 22, 2010
Next to Sailor's excellent blue-black, and Noodler's deep, deep dark and, nearly, permanent, blue-black, Pilot's Tsuki-yo Iroshizuku (Colors of Nature) ink is certainly one of the best blue-black inks that are currently available.
Tsuki-yo, literally Moon-like ("tsuki" means moon), is "Moonlit night," a more appropriate translation (a beautiful Japanese idiom). The ink has a lovely intensity and richness that makes many other blue-black inks look watery and weak.
Currently, Pilot manufactures a pretty, well-made fountain pen to match this color. It is a Custom Heritage 91 model to match Iroshizuku Tsuki-yo. The pen retails for 10,500 Yen in Japan which is about U.S. $115.00. I have one and it writes very well with its 14K rhodium-plated nib. I recommend that JetPens market this model and the other Iroshizuku Custom Heritage 91 pens in Yama-budo, Yama-guri and Kiri-same (models available as of Feb. 2010). More colors will be coming out with barrels and caps made of plastic resin that match the various ink colors, and clips & trim are rhodiumplated steel. They are wonderful writing instruments to go along with some of the most beautiful inks ever produced.
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