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  $30 may seem pretty steep..., March 2, 2010
By nin...
$30 may seem pretty steep for a brush pen, but this is worth it! I decided to try this brush pen after I was very happy with my Pentel Pocket, but wanted something with a thinner tip. Yes, the tip is thinner (but considering I work with a 6/0 brush when I'm inking sometimes, it's still big to me), but you can also get some fairly bold lines out of it. I am very happy with it. It is extremely good quality, enough that I've inked final pieces with it instead of a regular brush-- it looks that good.

Compared to the Pentel Pocket, the ink seems much "wetter" and darker. It takes a bit longer to dry, so it's easy to accidentally smudge it. However, it works better on paper with a little "tooth" than the Pentel does.

If you only use a brush pen once in a while, buy the less expensive Pentel Pocket. But if you want to make an investment and plan to use the pen constantly, go for it.
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