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  I really like this pen,..., March 14, 2010
I really like this pen, it works very well and is very convenient. It is rather unexpectedly quickly becoming a favorite pen. It's slightly on the large side in my hand, but the soft grip is very comfortable. The twist mechanism works very well and twists easily, yet locks firmly in place. If you're familiar with other Signo pens then you know exactly what to expect from the pens - smooth writing, fast drying, it's a Signo. Note that in addition to the black and red refills, you can also get a blue refill. The pencil has a bit of play and a springy sound when advancing lead, but it's solid and stable while actually writing. Very nice pen. The eraser is a bit of an afterthought, but I usually use a separate eraser stick anyway.

How to refill the lead? It's easy once you know how (I found it with photos on a pen review site): the pencil tip (silver tip + brass barrel) separates from the rest of the pen, just hold the main silver barrel, grasp the tip portion, and pull it straight out from the main barrel (it fits snugly and requires a bit of a tug). Put a few pieces of lead in, put the tip back in (it doesn't snap, it just fits snugly in place), and done.
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