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  Just got mine and it..., May 29, 2010
Just got mine and it is just as great as my other Wise Walker bags! It is smaller than a typical backpack and I found the straps to be very comfortable. The pockets are great and it holds lots of gear. I was easily able to fit my iPad, a hardcover book and my large Ledgerdomain journal in the largest pocket, medium Moleskinne notebooks in the middle pocket and an iPhone, Blackberry, glasses, wallet and pens into the next pocket. I have the Wise Walker messenger and business bags and I think this is a great option for tourist days or if your daily commute requires you to be "hands-free" to navigate doors etc., I love how comfortable it feels. I was able to fit a 15" Dell in the biggest pocket without padding and with nothing else there, it was a stretch so I agree that this is more suited to net book sizes or the iPad. My iPad also fits into the middle folder pocket. My 13" MacBook fit with a padded sleeve into the largest back pocket.

Another great Nomadics option and thanks to JetPens for making this available because we have limited options to get these bags in the US. If you stock more styles, I will buy them!
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