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  I recently got the black..., July 17, 2010
By nimr0d
I recently got the black Penmanship, and I liked it so much that I decided to get a clear one as well. While the transparent body with its internally molded facets is quite attractive, overall, I don't like this version of the Penmanship as well as the black.

First, the cap and body do not thread onto the grip as well-- this is something to do with the plastic. The parts are "draggy" and squeak when they are threaded together. I found this so annoying, I finally wiped a little silicone grease on the threads.

Second, the nib on this pen writes dryer (the black ink looks gray) and is more scratchy. This is a very fine nib, which I like, but the "writing feel" of this pen is distinctly different from the black version.

And finally, one reviewer mentioned a leak where the nib unit joins the grip-- I can see ink right on the verge of seeping out here on my pen. Of course, I can't say whether the black pen has this same problem, because the plastic isn't transparent. No ink has actually seeped out yet, but I've only been using the pen for a day.
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