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  The Pentel Graph 1000..., August 1, 2007
The Pentel Graph 1000 is a decent pencil for everyday use.

Although I thought the pencil would be heavier considering its described as being all brass, it is actually light and feels like plastic. The tip is not retractable, so the pencil would not be ideal for traveling and could easily be damaged if the pencil fell off your desk/drafting table. The pencil features a lead-type indicator, but because of its design, you cannot hold the body of the pencil to change the setting; you either have to hold the eraser cap (not a lot of room, since the "knob" to change the indicator is basically the eraser cap) or remove the eraser to turn the "knob." However, the lead-type indicator does click into place at each lead-type, which differentiates it from a lot of other similar pencils. Overall, this is an OK pencil, but I don't think its worth its price.

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