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  While a lot of folks..., August 23, 2010
While a lot of folks are fawning over the Hi-Uni, I have to say these are among my new favorite pencils. For a while I've been looking at darker pencils to use for writing heavier text (headers, etc) in my notes. At first I gave the Hi-Uni B a shot, and then the Uni Penmanship Pencil in 4B (carried by JetPens at the time of this writing), then this one. While the 4B Mitsubishi is quite an impressive instrument and is exceedingly smooth and dark with minimal pressure, it wears down quickly and the marks are rather smudgable. I was a bit surprised at how fragile the Hi-Uni B was; almost every time I wrote a "ping na" stroke in a Chinese character, the tip would snap from the extra pressure. It was getting really maddening, and I didn't have much hope for the Mono 100 in 2B. However, my fears were misplaced as the Tombow has excellent point durability, and did not break a single time in dozens of characters. It does of course wear down faster than an HB, but is quite dark and rather smooth. I think perhaps it gives up a little bit of the slipperiness of the Hi-Uni on some papers, but then it seems equally smooth or even a little smoother on some other papers, and the gains in precision and point durability are nothing to scoff at.

Truly a marvelous writing implement, and I think I'll need to get more of them.
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