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  I got this to use with..., September 14, 2010
I got this to use with one of my 0.5 lead pencils, which is the kuru toga (plastic body) which promises less lead breakage... and tried it in my rotring 800, I get constant lead breakage inside right at the advancing mechanism... I ordered the uni ball red pencil supposedly "made for this color lead" and ill see how it works out. I dont know any lead that breaks so often... But it writes pretty awesome and erases fairly well. I also just ordered a while collection of eno neox to try out.

Trying to get some color pencils to color coordinate my diagrams and notes for school!

I think the best pencil for this type of lead is one where there is minimal play between the advancing mechanism and the sleeve / tip of the pencil, any flex will introduce internal breakage which will cause clogging.

3 stars for a great red lead for writing / doodling...
-2 stars for constant and consistent lead breakage.
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