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  I dont know about 30+..., September 16, 2010
By ema...
I dont know about 30+ pens unless they are all the size of hitec c pens or bic pens (the plastic ones) or just hold 30+ pens and no accessories, but it can hold 12 lead pencil, and 12 refill boxes, 1 new pack post it, 2 erasers, a bunch of rulers triangles and a small protractor in the plastic pouch in the middle, post it book marks, then outer pouch can maybe hold 2 more pen or pencil before i feel it may be uncomfortably tight... its my utility pencil bag, i keep my set of pilot eno color pencils in it (8) and a uniball red, and my less pricy pencils all my refills and whatever else i listed. my more expensive stuff goes in my ple ple, or stays home. sometimes i just feel like its not the greatest idea to hold around a rotring 800 in school...

I somewhat expected this case to but larger, but i guess it can get the job done. i wasnt particularly fond of all the side pouches being mesh, which means they have a tendency to catch on to the post it corners and make it look messy or abused... and that the gap under the center pouch.. pencils rolls under it.. and then u have fun searching....

for what it is its a 4.7, but ill drop it 5 stars cos i like the colors and uhm.. i cant do 4.7 haha
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