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  After reading reviews..., September 27, 2010
After reading reviews about this pencil I figured I'd see what the fuss is about. I'm not normally a pencil user, but I have to so I love this pencil. The mechanism works exactly the way it's advertised and my lines are even. I never found the mechanism to be hindering at all because it does not take much pressure to activate the mechanism. So it's not like you have to constantly press down on the pencil to start the mechanism. In terms of having to write at an angle; the pen was designed for people who write at less than 90 degrees. The mechanism wouldn't be necessary for people who write at 90 degrees. Also I think the thickness of the line is mostly dependent on the hardness of the lead used not so much the physical thickness of the lead (which is why I don't use pencils all that often).

If there's one thing I wish I could modify on this pencil it would be so that the tip retracts. I worry that it's either going to break off or stab me in the leg when i sit down. But I really love this pencil and it'll be regularly used along side my Graphgear.
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