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  This pencil is very good..., October 5, 2010
By kis...
This pencil is very good to hold- during the class, I can write as twice as much of notes than usual. The balance is really good. As one reviewer noted, the shaker is kinda weird. You do have to shake it strong so that the lead comes out. There's apparently a way to make a lead go out easier using the shaker thingy. I found that if you hold it parallel to the floor and shake it right-left, then the lead advances better than when the pencil is in perpendicular position to the floor which is truly weird 0_o . When you erase with the pencil be sure not to break the lead that came out from the pencil, cause once I was erasing stuff and I saw a 1.5 inch lead pointing out- thanks to my care, I didn't break the lead. The button is VERY easy to press. I haven't had such a soft button on my pencil in my life.

Overall the pencil is perfect, except the shaker, which has to be modified.
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