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  Just got this pencil,..., October 14, 2010
By ema...
Just got this pencil, overall its a good pencil, however the sleeve was not what i expected it to be.

the lead is held still via a rubber/plastic? grommet inside the metal tip. I expected a more "snug" fit of the lead in the actual sleeve.

this play can cause squeaking if the pencil is held very close to perpendicular to the paper when writing, on the bright side, if you do not advance the lead too far, you wont get lead breakage. (I learned to write softer using fountain pens now)

the build quality was okay, nothing to rave about, something that works overall.

I'd give this pencil 5 stars if the sleeve was more snug. the quest for the perfect fit sleeve for a .3 remains.. (hopefully without spending a fortune to find it...)

compared to the pilot air blanc...

the air blanc is more "fitted" at its "sleeve" well the tip... the lead does not move around much, and fits nicely. however because its not a sleeve type, i do get some breakage when used at a more extreme angle. and the rubber grip.. eh (it seems to become loose rather quickly, and now is like a old rubber grip), relative to this pencil, its a draw. since this grip isnt uber comfy either.

I would take this pencil over the air blanc, but this isnt pocket safe for those who cares. .3 sleeve is quite sharp to put in your pocket.
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