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  i love hi tec c's, so..., October 5, 2007
i love hi tec c's, so when i found some foray pens at office depot i got excited... .3 mm, and they looked ALOT like hi tec c's (exact same barrel, slightly different cap) . they were only 9.99 for 8, in different colors so i decided to try them out. basically to see if they would be good to hold me off when i run out and can't get a order to jetpens right away... well, don't waste your money on the knockoff's!!! the ink in them is so watery, it spreads all over the paper and you end up with a line like a .7 gel pen. there is also less ink than in a hi tec c, and i'm sure they'll end up running out alot faster as well. so.... just a little heads up for everyone out there. you get what you pay for!!
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