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  While not purchased from..., October 25, 2010
By KCh...
While not purchased from this site, I've been using this converter on a regular basis for years.

I own two converters from Platinum: a plain (like the one pictured/offered) and another with painted koi around the transparent portion of the barrel. Both operate identically and both work very well. I've never experienced any problems whatsoever with leaking or seepage.

Since I was tipped off to refilling cartidges with a syringe, all of my converters have been relegated to cleaning duty. This is where they really shine and show their true worth, in my opinion.

Regular maintenance is essential to the performance of any decent writing instrument and it's impossible to clean a pen (brush or fountain) thoroughly without a converter. A piston-style converter (again, in my opinion) is the best choice since bulb and press-plate types don't offer as much suction nor the level of control you can achieve with piston-actuated converters.

If you own or are planing the purchase of a pen which you hope to keep for years, I cannot recommend the importance of a good converter highly enough. HTH.
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