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  Folks the reviews here..., November 22, 2010
Folks the reviews here were not joking!! This is one of the most amazing pencils ever made. I bought the Platinum pro-use II, the Smash, graph1000 stein, Pilot s10 and S5, staedlter 925-25, XS. The Smash is the best of all. Surprised by how sturdy and solid it is. Great feel and weight. Functions flawlessly. How would I rank them
1. Smash
2. Pro-useII (fits in my hand so nice)
3. 925-25
4. Pilot S10 and S5 (both different but like them equally)
5. Graph 1000 stein (way too light, too much plastic, functions great, feels cheap)
6. XS (the Smash's pretty on the outside ugly inside cousin) Avoid
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