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  Mine came chipped (JetPens..., November 24, 2010
By gwe...
Mine came chipped (JetPens offered to take it back, but I thought I'd try first to rehabilitate it.) Follow the simple directions on the side of the box to rub the tip over sandpaper & it works!
At first I over-thought it & carefully gave it a rounded tip with fine emery paper under a magnifier: it wrote very broad but spottily. The I formed it into a sharp conical tip & it didn't write at all.
It seems that the pen relies on a relatively blunt tip in the manner of mechanical pencil lead, wherein you write with the edge of the base of a cylinder shape, turning it just slightly as necessary to maintain flow down from the grooves. Rubbing it briefly tip-down on fine sandpaper -- with a natural motion -- achieves just enough convexity to function well.
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