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  The big deal is that..., December 4, 2010
The big deal is that this pencil will use up a whole stick of lead. I don't think I'll ever find out if it does for two reasons. First, it has a fixed sleeve point (doesn't retract into the body, which it looks like it should from the pictures) which, though conical, stabs the cloth of a pocket (and possible skin) making it awkward to carry around. Second the clip is weak and won't grab the edge of a pocket well enough and it feels like it could break off easily. If these are not problems for you, I can recommend its weight and grip, which are excellent for a pencil. It feels very secure in my hand. I will leave it at my desk and use it there, but I usually grab my pocket when I need to write, so it is going to roll off to some dusty corner, abandoned and alone, just because I cannot shove it in my pocket. Too bad.
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