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  First thing I noticed..., December 29, 2010
First thing I noticed was the smell. Smells like milk, so I'd say its calcium based. With it being calcium based, calcium sinks to the bottom. So you have to shake it every time you want to use it. Shaking it makes bubbles.

I think a brush would work wonders (I've never tried it), but you can use a pen nib. It's just that the bubbles don't give you much ink so you have to go deeper into the bubbles which makes a mess on your pen holder and gets all over your nib. Cleaning this is just like cleaning glue, it's not hard but a hassle to get your stuff clean.

About the actual ink, it works to some degree. When I was using it on black India ink, it sort of mixed with it even after drying and it came out slightly grey. It wasn't as flat as I thought it'd be too.
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