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  I wrote a review for..., February 16, 2011
I wrote a review for the matte black model of the 0.5 mm Rotring 600 drafting pencil yesterday. But, who is to account for taste? These pencils (the matte black model and the silver model) are identical, aside from the finish.

So, here is the another review of this great pencil, with a little bit of editing for grammar and content:

I have both the matte black and silver versions of the 0.5 mm Rotring 600 drafting pencil. I use them for technical drawing, mostly. Writing with these pencils is a pleasure, also. Some reviewers have posted reviews indicating minor issues with the weight / balance of this pencil. They might have a point (um, no pun intended), but I write with my silver model regularly, and I love the way it feels and handles. I use 2B lead when I am writing. In my opinion, hard lead with a heavy pencil is cumbersome for writing. So, the softer lead does the trick. But, my primary use for these pencils is technical drawing, with drafting implements. In this application, the Rotring 600 is my favorite pencil, without a doubt. The balance is perfect for hand positions and pencil angles related to accurate drawing. Like another reviewer said, the Rotring 600 might just be the best mechanical drafting pencil that jetpens offers.

A Rotring 600 drafting pencil makes a great gift, even if the one receiving it doesn't own a drafting table.

Please restock. Thanks for the fair price, Jetpens. Other online sellers seem to gouge buyers on the price for this pencil.
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