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  Pros: - Looks cool -..., February 20, 2011
- Looks cool
- 1 of 2 Highlighters in my main pencil case. (The other is double tipped erasable highlighter where one size is the color and the other is the "eraser white tipped pen.")
- Smaller, thinner, lighter than all of those American highlighters created by Sharpie.
- It's lasted me a year so far sooo that's good :]

- It's too dark. Well, at least the blue is, the yellow is fine.
- It smears pencil, gel pen, print....etc etc. _._
- It isn't as erasable as I would like it to be
- The erased "highlighter" stuff builds up on the eraser of the pen and you can either try to scratch it off with your finger or you have to rub it on a scrap piece of paper to get it off.
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