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  I am sad that so many..., February 27, 2011
By mcb...
I am sad that so many seem to have trouble using these fun pens. They work great. If you are not getting the puffiness you desire its probably because you have a hair dryer that is kind to your hair but won't get quite hot enough to puff stuff.. Some companies think that you will only be drying your hair with your hair dryer :)

I find that a paint stripping heat tool works in a jiffy. It costs $15-20. at your local hardware store. It looks sort of like a hair dryer but it gets MUCH hotter. Just be careful not to get it too close to your paper. You don't want to set anything on fire. And BE CAREFUL NOT TO TOUCH THE HOT END. If you use other heat-seeking craft supplies- like embossing powder-you will appreciate how much quicker a paint stripper does the job.

I can lay out a tabletop of things that need puffing and run the heat gun over large areas or many small things all at once. Because you only need to get the heat source 6-8 inches away from your project it's also easier to see your results. Unlike in the Jetpens video with the hairdryer practically touching the paper.
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