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  The pen so nice I bought..., February 28, 2011
The pen so nice I bought it twice (I have this one and the white and chrome F point).

I love the triangular grip on this pen. I have large-ish hands -- for perspective, I can stretch an octave and a key on a baby grand piano -- and I find the Lamy exceptionally comfortable. It's lightweight, and I honestly don't have too much of a problem with the cap when posted, though it is a bit of extra weight.

The nib is stiff and isn't the smoothest nib I've ever written with (that distinction goes to my Namiki Vanishing Point), but it is exceptionally consistent and I almost never get any scratching or feathering. I write on cheap looseleaf paper most of the time, as I'm a student, and I honestly have no complaints. It's well worth the price as it's almost completely indestructible -- I use it for that reason alone much more than some of my other pens.
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