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  After looking to complete..., March 18, 2011
After looking to complete my pencil case with a kuru toga, I chose this pencil. Very happy with it.

- Combines the kuru toga technology with an alpha gel grip. This makes it better than other kuru togas because it combines two favorites into 1 pencil
- I bought the red grip version because it looked nicer online. The ones with the colored barrels did not appeal to me since I wanted a colored grip. Furthermore, red was more visually appealing than black or the teal colored grip
- More on the grip. There's a simple red grip below the alpha gel grip. Guess this makes it squishier? Looks cool though.
- The grip has more traction than any other alpha gels. Yet, the best grip is still on the non-shaka, HD alpha gels.
- Now for the mechanism. VERY COOL. haha...I don't use my shaka shaker anymore since at times, it just feels cheap. I use the kuru toga for writing notes and the Metal barrel HD for jotting things down.
- Stupid, yes. BUT there's NO japanese "uni" sticker on this!!! I find this awesome since the uni label will fall off over time and looks downright awful after much use. Instead, the labels are printed on the barrel of the pencil which is much nicer. See, little things like this make this pencil a tad better than the other alpha gels.

- The color of the grip isn't as vivid as it looks online.
- The barrel etc is all plastic. However, the kuru toga mechanism/the main pencil part is metal which is very nice.
- Grip isn't as squishy as other alpha gels. The shaka shaker version is the squishiest, followed by the HD. This kuru toga firmer than both of these grips.
- Not a shaker pencil. + i haven't found a way to take it apart and insert a shaker. downer
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