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  This ink is the bomb!!!..., March 23, 2011
This ink is the bomb!!! It is similar to Indian Ink except it's not as runny. It leaves a fine matte finish. The value of black is richer than Indian Ink but still a bit lighter than Icy Comic's Super Black Ink. However, I prefer Pilot Drafting ink more because it doesn't clog or dry on my pen nibs. I use both Zebra and Tachikawa brand of G-pens and Maru-pens (aka round pens). I would definitely recommend this product to all!

Thank you JetPens for carrying this product in the USA! I love you guys so much because now I don't have to pay international shipping just to get my hands on these sweet stuff!! Keep being awesome! ;v;bbb

*whispers* I'll be sure to buy more~~ *whispers*
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