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  As expected, this one..., March 26, 2011
As expected, this one is drastically lighter than its brass cousin, the Rotring 600. It uses what appears to be the same nosepiece, eraser cap, and clip, but I'm not 100% certain anything else is shared between the two ranges. Granted, the examples I own are of a different lead diameter, but the advance mechanisms still feel substantially different. It might simply be the resonant characteristics of plastic versus brass, it's hard to say. It's still a high-end feeling and well worth its price point, though. It certainly doesn't appear to sacrifice anything in terms of overall quality of manufacture in the apparent step down from its lofty metallic brethren, but it definitely has a different character simply by its lesser mass. It's no 600, but it is a solid 500, and it's half the price. Go for it.
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