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  This correction pen works..., February 9, 2008
This correction pen works well enough, the fluid flows best when the pen tip is moved in small circles over the relevent mistake, overlapping the fluid lines as little as possible. Compared to other correction methods, the novelty of a retractable correction pen is more practical than it would at first seem. The worries of losing a cap and having a correction pen or an entire bottle of correction fluid dry up completely are absent; though the pen tip will dry up between uses, a few small circles on the corner of a page will have the ink flowing in only a few seconds. However, I will mention that the fluid capacity is somewhat underwhelming, if you are by any means obsessive in your corrections, you might consider ordering more than one or sticking to the bottle and brush approach. If you don't mind a Liquid Paper logo and a lack of options in body color, this pen also is available in most office supplies stores in the United States and is sold as a package of 2 pens with white bodies and bright green accents under the name "Click Correct". On an interesting side-note, Liquid Paper is a Papermate company owned by Rubbermaid and Uni-Ball by Mitsubishi, two separate companies selling the same product in two different countries; Papermate might just be a little desperate for some innovation.

Joshua Olson
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