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  PLEEEEEEASE restock Jetpens! ..., April 17, 2011
By mil...
PLEEEEEEASE restock Jetpens!

Seriously, this is the best highlighter by far for me. In fact, with these around, I think using a different kind of highlighter would be settling for second-best :-) Here's what sets these apart from other highlighters, even other erasable ones:

1) the erasing function actually does what it says. Not only does it not leave a trace (even on my usual writing paper, cream-colored index cards), it allows for repeated erasing and re-writing (which lets you change colors - great for color coding stuff that is changeable, eg prioritizing a to-do list; it's not just for mistakes). Other erasables work like the classic fountain pen ink eraser: you can only erase once.

2) good build: the materials don't feel cheap and brittle, they're sturdy, including the clip. Best of all, the eraser is really more of a rubber stopper, which doesn't wear as you erase like with many other erasable pens: so you can be sure it won't wear down to nothing ages before the ink runs out in the highlighter.

3) the shape: it's like a pen, rather than the classic short and flat highlighter. Sure Jetpens only has the pen type (only the best for Jetpens customers i guess), but those other ones are overall more common. The pen style makes it more comfortable to hold, and easier to fit in a pencil case: these are about the same bulk as a 'good' pen (eg fountain pen) so they are perfect if you like a roll/wrap-style pencil case or the kind that turns into a pen pot, but still have to carry highlighters.

4) The ink: the colors are distinct (with other pens, sometimes the green and yellow look a bit similar, same with pink/orange & blue/purple - not so here), and they are vivid enough to highlight, but not excessively loud to the point of making what's written underneath hard to discern, even with the darkest colors (eg purple). Best of all, they work fine with inkjet and fountain pen ink, no smudges at all - another rarity.

I hope I've sung the praises of these things enough that Jetpens will see their way to restocking these asap. I really wanted a second set to keep in my ready-to-go pencil case so i don't have to keep transferring them from my desktop holder and risk forgetting them :-/
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