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  I was so hopeful after..., April 18, 2011
I was so hopeful after reading the good reviews this would be useful white ink for illustration/manga drawing. I have been very impressed with the Kaimei black drawing ink, but when I attempted to use this white ink on top of the black, it was a DISASTER. First, as previous reviews state, shaking well makes the liquid very bubbly, and these bubbles don't pop easily-- which means that the "white" lines put onto paper are full of bubbles as well. Dipping brush or nib into the bottle deeper to get to get a stronger mixture of the ink results only in an extremely messy tool handle and a marked lack of ink quality improvement. Second, no matter how dry the black ink underneath it is, the white ink would mix with the black causing a smeary gray mess. I went over and over it with the white, waiting ten minutes between layers and have yet to lay down a pure white line OR get the layers to add together to a pure white. The ink itself does not seem to adhere well to brush or nib, and so delicate feathering/weighted lines with it are impossible. The ONLY redeeming factor to this ink is that, unlike many other white inks I have tried, going over it with black ink is very easy and does not interfere with redrawing on top of it. Overall, I'm sadly disappointed. Back to searching for a half-way decent white ink.
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