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  Pilot Drafting Ink! This..., April 22, 2011
Pilot Drafting Ink! This is apparently the most popular ink used in Japan! What makes this ink great!?

Pros: It's light, but despite it's lightness, it's adhesive power drying to the paper is excellent and it doesn't feather at all! It dries clean off the nib, and because it's water soluble, just a dab of water will wipe it completely off the nib. It's flow is great! It can make lines that are longer compared to other inks I've tried! Probably equal to that of Sumi Ink(which is also water soluble).And it dries fast! Because of this,the ink does tend to dry on the nib at times but as mentioned before, cleaning it is no chore(compared to other inks).Also it is compatible with Copic Markers, but only to a certain extent so be careful when coloring over this ink when dry.

Now to it's weak points:
It is light but because of this, it is weak against erasures and will fade the more you erase it. Also because it is water soluble, a drop of water will cause the ink to run. Therefore it is not compatible with colored inks/watercolors. Also as mentioned before be careful when using Copics with this ink. The more you color over the line, the more it will smudge.

Final Word:
As the ink of choice for many Mangaka, I can see why it's popular. It's easy to use, light, and comes clean off the nib! Also it's availability in many stores in Japan is probably another strong point for this ink(just guessing hehe). Despite its flaws, its pros dominate the flaws 4 to 1, however in my book it is 4.5! If only it was waterproof hahaha! But there is apparently an alternate called Document Ink which I hope Jetpens will carry in the future(^___^).
For beginners, this is the best ink to use! In closing, if you want to go only for a black and white finish,this is one of the inks to use!!!
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