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  I've had Platinum Preppy..., April 27, 2011
By ike...
I've had Platinum Preppy pens for over a year and found them to be reliable cheap writers. Most of the time, they write well out of the "box", but sometimes I have one that doesn't flow well. I found that flushing it well with water with a drop of detergent seems to help, although the feed isn't the easiest thing to flush out. I had to use a baby nasal bulb to force clean water through the feed to flush it well.

I prefer the medium (0.5) nib and have even converted one of them into a eyedropper with some silicone grease and the o-ring JetPens sells. The cap has a spring loaded sealing cone that keeps the nib from drying out and I find that I can uncap the pen after a long absence and it writes fine.

The nib is reasonably smooth for such an inexpensive pen and I keep them around in my office where I wouldn't keep my much more expensive fountain pens.

I also refill the excellent Platinum cartridges with my favorite inks.

You can't beat this pen for the price!
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