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  I just received mine..., May 11, 2011
I just received mine and I love it ^^ Here\'s some pros/cons of the pen:

- Jetstream = super nice for a ballpoint pen
- alpha gel grip (it takes 1-2 days to \"break in\" but once it\'s broken in, the grip will feel like the grip from the alpha gel original series.same texture and squish
- refillable: i definitely wanted a pen which i could refill. why pay for a pen body if you can\'t refill it ~shrug~ anyways...the refills cost $ and reviews say that the blue refill sucks soooo we\'ll see. I bought an extra black refill just in case.
- METAL! xD feels good. the end/body of the pen is skinnier than expected.

- Grip\'s a dirt/fuzz magnet more so than the other grips. (see below for a fuzz rating xD) I put a touch of hand cream on the grip and rubbed it in. I do this for all of my alpha gel grips because it helps to break the grip in faster and keeps the grip slick enough so that dirt/fuzz doesn\'t cling to it.
- it\'s a ballpoint....but one of the better ones

Side Notes:
- The Zebra B2A1 is a nice full metal (duel color) ballpoint as well. I actually prefer to use the zebra to write on binder paper over the uni jetstream.
- This being said...the $$ really?.... -____- whatever
- I also bought the full-rubber grip jetstream and in my opinion, from a visual standpoint, the rubber jetstream looks a ton sicker than the alpha gel one. It\'s not how the pen looks laying on a\'s how it looks in your hand when you\'re writing w/it.
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