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  Just got a new Rotring..., June 19, 2011
Just got a new Rotring 600 for Father's Day! I'm so excited to finally have one, but so scared to use it at the same time! Everything about the pencil is awesome; it's just that sleeve that is oh so fragile that has me watching every move with this pencil.

The weight is a little more than I'm used to with my other plastic barreled pencils, but I'm getting used to it. I absolutely love the metal knurled grip. The pencil is a little thinner than I thought it would be which is a bonus, because I love thin barreled pencils!

All in all this pencil takes the cake. Precision engineering and design, with a quality name.

It's a shame that all the good quality pencils are made and sold in other countries; and all the sloppy plastic crap is sold here in the U.S. I'm so glad Jetpens is there to bridge that gap for us American pen/pencil fanatics.

Keep up the good work JetPens!
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