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  This pen is awesome...., July 8, 2011
This pen is awesome. I've tried some "brush pens"- that is, felt-tipped pens trying to be brush-shaped- before, and they just don't compare. The range of line width that one can get with this pen is amazing, from hairline thin to big, wet lines. I find that if I try to do long, fast strokes, I get some skipping, but then again, that's not really a problem for me since I tend not to draw in long strokes and was only doing that to test the pen out. Others might be a little disappointed with that, though. That's the only con this pen has; the tip is incredibly responsive, the ink is nice and dark, and the variation in line width is wonderful.

That, and it's kind of cool to watch the ink seep into the brush when you put in the first ink cartridge :D
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