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  First multi-pen I bought..., July 31, 2011
First multi-pen I bought and I'm very satisfied!

At first I thought it was a little thick, but after buying more multi-pens, I realize that it's quite thin for the traditional multi-plunger pen (approx 11mm where you hold it). Also, I love the matte texture and the professional look. I'm not a huge fan of grips, so I'm happy that this one doesn't have one.

As for the ink itself, the gel refills do run out quite quickly. Refills are a breeze: just pop the back up and slide it in. I prefer ballpoints to gels, but these are pretty good at laying down dark lines. (Gels just put down ink too freely for my writing style, so I tend to get a lot of streaking as I go from letter to letter because I don't lift the pen off the page that much.)

Anyway, really happy with this purchase. Even though it's relatively costly ($23 when I bought it with four new gel inks), I thought it was a good purchase decision.
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