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  The ink is a relatively..., August 1, 2011
The ink is a relatively thin black color, and does not provide a lot of boldness or darkness because the 0.5mm line is so thin. Even though it's scratchy, it still globs occasionally, although the globs are never really noticeable unless you look for them. Overall I had very little problems and was extremely satisfied with the clarity of my lines (when I take notes, I often have to write in small text and I don't like my page looking crowded).

The pen is somewhat of a mixed bag, but overall I have had positive experiences with the Jetstream Color line. First, I love the relatively thin diameter and the fact that there is no grip. I love the white barrel color and the accurate barrel representation of the ink color. The plunger is springy and satisfying (perhaps my favorite part of the pen itself). One problem I noticed is that if you unscrew the bottom and screw it back on too tight, there might be a lot of tension and cause cracking down the barrel, as there was in my first Jetstream Color. (Just be aware and don't screw it on too tight!)
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