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  I bought this multi-pen..., August 10, 2011
By kya...
I bought this multi-pen over at a Kinokuniya bookstore in NYC. From the moment I saw it, I knew it would have its usefulness for studying, as it has all of the basic ballpoint pen colors, PLUS, a PENCIL! When I'm studying or taking notes, I prefer to write with pencil for most things and write in pen for important things such as theorems or formulas. This is really great for a college student because instead of wasting precious lecture time by switching pens, you can do it on the fly. My only complaint about this multi-pen is that the grip isn't that great, and with the Dr. Grip series, you kind of expect that. However, the pen is already thick, so placing a nicer grip probably would have made it even thicker. As far as construction goes, this is a pretty sturdy pen, and doesn't creak even though it is made completely out of plastic.
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