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  Updated review from Voltv/Gstr..., August 13, 2011
Updated review from Voltv/Gstrikedragon

Kaimei Lettering Sol. Don't let the name fool you haha, it's not just an ink to do calligraphy with, this is a really good ink to outline and beta your manga in! This ink is all around very good, and why is it the case? Let's find out.

Fresh out of the bottle, the ink dries to a matte finish, but after a few uses, I noticed that it dries to a semi matte, partial glossy finish. However, what makes this ink great is the fact that it is waterproof. Yes! You read it! WATERPROOF!!! A few brush strokes over a line will not cause it to fade or runaway(but excessive and hard brushstroking will cause it to run a little and damage the paper). However b/c of it's very strong waterproof property, it is suitable for watercolor/colored ink drawings(goes well with Dr. Ph Martin's Bombay India Inks!). However, b/c it is strongly waterproof, where one property exceeds, another property also has to suffer and that is it's resistance to alcohol. DO NOT USE COPICS WITH THIS INK!!! Otherwise scan your image done with this ink and color that copy with Copics(^__^). Also as a final note, unlike IC Comic Ink and Kuretake Manga Black-both which are also waterproof and seem to have a stronger property than this ink, this ink keeps a longer flow compared to those inks. However, despite having a flow that's a little longer than those inks, it also dries at a satisfying, quick pace-and not at a super fast pace that would cause the ink to dry faster on the nib than on the paper! I highly recommend this ink for anyone who wants a waterproof outline/beta as as well as an ink that works well with watercolors/colored inks, but NEVER USE this ink with Copics! In closing, this is one of the best inks out there available for manga use!!!

Trivia: Takehiko Inoue of Slam Dunk and Vagabond fame uses this as his ink of choice.
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