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   These pencils are made..., August 18, 2011
By rb52
These pencils are made to extremely high standards and outstanding quality, which are preferred by many artists, drafters and other professionals around the world. The smell of these wooden case pencils are so intoxicating that I always want to pick one of them up and start drawing. It is so addictive and such a rush that you don't want to stop, but just keep on going. These drawing instruments feel so good in your hand when you lay that graphite on a piece of paper. They slide so smoothly and gracefully, that it makes drawing such a joy to work with. These pencils are of exceptional quality and fine craftsmanship. They are a work of art and a true masterpiece. I will always cherish and love these pencils for the rest of my life. If you ever need pens or pencils, I highly recommend JetPens. Thank You, M. Keith Brummett
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