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Rhodia R Premium Note Pad No. 18 - Orange - 8.3" X 11.8" - 70 Sheets - Blank - RHODIA 182007
EXACTLY what anyone should need for ANY art. The paper is so smooth and kind of indescribable. The entire thing is held together so well, although i would like some sort of magnet system working on the back so it doesn't drift forward and cause my paper to wrinkle when I shift it, but im sure I can do that myself :) Ink works well on this and can be easily erased with an sand eraser.

About Rhodia

Founded in 1932 in France, Rhodia is a favorite among writers, artists, and designers. Recognized by their orange covers and grid paper, Rhodia has become a symbol of excellence throughout the world. Inside you will enjoy acid-free, ink-friendly, Clairefontaine paper with an extra smooth finish. These notepads are available in a variety of sizes and ready to fulfill your designing and note-taking needs.