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Rotring 800 Lead Holder Clutch Knock System - 2 mm - Silver Body - ROTRING SO502821N
Short version: Best. Buy. Ever.

Long version:

Okay, so I don't use drafting pencils to write, I use them to draw and here in Mexico, the easiest drafting pencil to come by is the 2.0mm Mars Tecnico, which I like, but I wanted to treat myself to something better.

So I decided to bite the bullet and fork over my monthly savings to buy this pencil. I had heard a lot about the Rotring brand ever since I got into fountain pens ten years ago, but wow, when I got it in the mail I was blown away when I held it in my hand. It feels so sturdy and it looks amazing in person. The gold highlights are accentuated even more by the powdery silver finish. My first question after seeing it on my desk was "it looks great, but how well does it work?" ...

About Rotring

Based in Hamburg, Germany, Rotring is a German technical writing instrument company. The name "Rotring" (rot ring) means "red ring" in German. This iconic red ring is still placed around the barrels of Rotring products today.

Since its founding in 1928, Rotring has invented numerous new pen technologies. Its first product was the Tintenkuli (Inkograph), a stylographic pen (a fountain pen with a thin steel tube as its tip). In 1953, Rotring's Rapidograph gained enough popularity to become the archetypal technical pen at the time.

In 1979, Rotring launched its Tikky product line, which was a technical drawing instrument line also suitable for everyday use. The Tikky is still well received in the market today. At, Rotring's classic drafting pencils with model number 600 and 800 have a large following of drafters.