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Tombow Olno Body Knock Mechanical Pencil - 0.5 mm - Citrus Yellow - TOMBOW SH-OL57
I have this pencil and I'm back on here because I want another. I lost the little top part to the pencil, which is the eraser. The awesome thing is, that even though I lost the top part, it's still functional!! The lead doesn't come out through the top, it goes in the middle of the pencil...which I think is awesome. The pen bends to get the lead out and when you're furiously writing on an exam and it's timed--every second counts. Stopping in the middle of a problem to push the top for lead is annoying...this is way more efficient. I love this pencil and I am very picky because my fingers hurt a lot (because I write with so much pressure). Either way you write, the rubber grip is quite comfortable. It's my go to pencil these days...and betw...

About Tombow

Tombow Pencil Co., Ltd. of Japan has a long history of product innovation since its founding in 1913. The company started using "tombow" (i.e. "dragon fly" in Japanese) as its trade mark in 1927.

Tombow's most renowned brand is "Mono". Its Mono 100 wooden pencils, Mono Knock erasers, Mono Zero erasers, etc., all have a large fan following. customers have come to love Tombow's Fudenosuke (筆之助) brush pens for their soft and brush-like nib.

The latest product innovation from Tombow includes the AirPress ballpoint pens (known for using air pressure to help dispense ink) and the Zoom 101 fountain pens (known for their light-weight but durable carbon fiber bodies).